Online course: Sustainable Business Models at NHH Executive

In the spring of 2015 we will be holding a new online course at NHH Executive. The course entitled Sustainable business models“, and the purpose of the course is to give students insight into how they can design and implement business models that are both responsible and profitable.

This is the first online course is being offered at NHH Executive. We are now filming 30 small films that will be released weekly throughout the course. The idea is for students to access two to three short films in the beginning of the week, and then we’ll have lectures online using Adobe Connect, which is an online learning resource.

It’s fun to film, especially because we’ve got students at NHH from K7 to film us. Soon we hope to have some samples ready. These will be shared here on our homepage. Visit the NHH Executive’s website to read more about the course.

Below you see a picture of us from the new studio that NHH have just made. We look forward to  the course, and we are looking forward to explore the possibilities inherent in online teaching.



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