Thorolf Rafto Challenge

On September 11th, we hosted theThorolf Rafto Challenge at NHH Norwegian School of Economics in collaboration with the Rafto Foundation.

This was the first Thorolf Rafto Challenge, and it took place in the NHH Aula, with more than 400 participants. The world-renowned slavery researcher Professor Kevin Bales gave the key note presentation about slavery in international supply chains. Thereafter, Bjart Th. Pedersen, head of sustainable trade in UNIL/NorgesGruppen, talked about NorgesGruppen’s challenges with human rights in their complex, global supply chains, and the serious work they do in solving those problems. Here is an article from NHH Paraplyen about the event (in Norwegian).

The Thorolf Rafto Challenge is an annual event in memory of former NHH Professor Thorolf Rafto and his important work for human rights. The purpose of the Thorolf Rafto Challenge is to shed light on human rights issues in business and solutions to deal with them.

LJTP Rafto

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