Workshop with Norwegian green-tech companies

innovation norway
April 19th we facilitated a workshop on sustainable business model innovation for six Norwegian green-tech companies who wants to enter the German market. These companies are all a part of Innovation Norway’s Fram program, which is developed to support entrepreneurs and incumbents with good market potential but who needs a little support in the early phase of the development in a new market strategy.

In the workshop, we used the business model framework developed in our book, Responsible and Profitable (see figure below). The participants worked alone and in groups to redesign their existent business models, and in the process they pitched their ideas and received feedback from us and the other participants. Earlier this year we held a presentation for these companies at Gardermoen, and now we were invited back to work directly with their business models.

It’s really interesting for us to be able to work with companies in this way, and after a day like this, we’re not sure whether it is us or the participants who learn the most. However, the feedback was good and hopefully we’ll get the chance to meet these companies again at a later stage in the expansion process.



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