RandP cover til jp.noResponsible and Profitable explores how organizations can design and implement business models that are both responsible and profitable. This requires that responsibility is integrated into the organization’s business model in a way that promotes its ability to create, deliver and capture value.

Sustainability comprises both how companies can take responsibility for creating positive effects of their operations and how they have a responsibility for reducing the negative effects of those operations. The book gives a comprehensive framework for integrating sustainability into business models. Through examples, theoretical perspectives and empirical insights, the reader is given insight into how such business model innovations can be done in practice.
The target readership for Responsible and Profitable are students and researchers in economics and business administration, as well as managers in private, public and voluntary sectors.

4 % of the book’s revenue is donated to UNICEF and their project «Schools for Africa». Read more about the project.

Robert Strand
, Executive Director, Center for Responsible Business, University of California-Berkeley, Haas School of Business:
“Responsible and Profitable is a refreshingly practical and inspiring read for practitioners and scholars alike.   This is a remarkably well-researched and well-written contribution. Moreover, Jørgensen and Pedersen offer a behind the scenes view into the sustainability practices of firms based in the world’s leading region for sustainable and responsible business: Scandinavia. This provides a goldmine of material for inspiration to encourage more sustainable and responsible business models throughout the world.”

Idar Kreutzer, CEO of Finance Norway:
«The authors cancel the debate about whether companies need to choose between responsibility or profitability. They show that it is fully possible to aim for both at the same time, and they provide the necessary framework. Their aim is to increase the reader’s understanding of what responsible business models are and how they can be implemented. A main topic for the authors is the need for continuous innovation of companies’ business models. Such models need to be reinvented continuously in face of changing expectations and new conditions. Leaders who take this lightly, can easily fall victim to the innovations of others. The book is adequately theoretical while full of good, practical examples. It is highly relevant to anyone interested in business development. A book that enlightens and inspires!»

Ylva Lindberg, CEO of SIGLA and member of the Ethics Council of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global:
«The authors are correct in addressing the relationship between business models and responsibility – which is necessary in order for responsibility to be anything more than a catchphrase or a charity project.»

Per Skålen, Professor at the University of Karlstad’s Service Research Center:
«Jørgensen and Pedersen unite practical examples and genuine knowledge into a guide for how profitability and social responsibility can be aligned. The book fills a gap regarding how business models that align profitability and responsibility are designed and innovated. The book can be warmly recommended to decision makers both in private and public sectors, as well as to students.»