Sveinung JørgensenSveinung works as Associate Professor, PhD, at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and as Adjunct Associate Professor at NHH Norwegian School of Economics. He earned his Master degree at NHH and received his PhD at Karlstad’s University. The title of his PhD dissertation was “What’s the Problem?”, and he’s passionate about sustainable business models, creative problem solving and strategy.

Before economics studies, Sveinung worked at the Tyrili Foundation with drug abusers. He’s now the chairman of the board in Tyrili Climbing, which is a social entrepreneur facility within the Tyrili Foundation. He also serves as the chairman of Ove Nilsen’s Humanitarian Foundation (ONHF), which invests in social and environmental entrepreneurs. In 2013 ONHF invested heavily in Bright Products. Sveinung has served in the board of Bright since 2013, and Bright produces and sells solar driven lanterns and mobile chargers to people on the Bottom of the Pyramid. As of January 2017, Sveinung is also a member of the board in Hy5, a startup that is developing advanced movement prosthetics.

Sveinung loves teaching, is heavily drawn to the practice field and is often seen jogging or at the train to Oslo. He lives with his two children, his wife and a very small dog in Lillehammer. He gives presentations and key notes alone, and he also runs workshops and works as a sparring partner. But he thinks is a lot more fun to work together with others – and especially with Lars Jacob.

See Sveinung’s full CV at LinkedIn.

Twitter: @ungJorgensen